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We invite you to join the Traffic Strings  Concert on Wednesday, 08 September 2012, at 20:30 after the Welcome reception at Aula Magna.



The musicians who are part of TRAFFIC STRINGS play with sensitivity and virtuosity. They approach each musical genre with exquisite feeling. Their orchestrations are innovative yet true to the original compositions. The manner in which TRAFFIC STRINGS perform is both profound and authentic.

TRAFFIC STRINGS appeal to each and every music lover. Whether you enjoy listening to the rich heritage of Romanian folklore or to Bach and Vivaldi or to a cocktail of sound and rhythm in their tango , jazz, or instrumental pop/rock concerts, TRAFFIC STRINGS are sure to enthrall you.

Their concerts are bound to fill you with energy. Once you have taken a pill of TRAFFIC STRINGS, your life will be much more beautiful. TRAFFIC STRINGS are like a drug that heals the souls of their listeners. Their music is fraught with joy, hope and love.

The group first album resulted from a prolific collaboration which they had with the famous panpipes player Gheorghe Zamfir. This material contains a variant of the Vivaldi’s Seasons, arranged in a special way by Lucian Moraru, the founder of the group. The latter used the panpipes instead of the solist violin, obtaining a real premiere in the field. The other two albums were presented to the public in 2009 and 2013 and these are Tango Finesse and Tango Aficionado which include some of the most seductive authentic tangoes, performed with a new, innovative instrumental shape. It certainly comes as a surprise when the orchestration for the tango music supposes the use of the panpipe to which it is added the chords quintet, the accordion, piano and in certain musical fragments, the percussion rhythm instruments.

The fourth album of the group called Traffic Strings Live in Concert creates addiction. The album contains famous musical pieces, but due to the new and unusual manner for the classic music interpretation, these “offer the listeners the feeling of freshness and the spectacular brightness of the fireworks”. (Loredana Baltazar)

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